5 minutes with julian

5 minutes with Julian Parisi | Ep. 9, Berts
5 Minutes with Julian | Ep. 7, Totti's, Chris Hogarth
5 Minutes with Julian | Ep. 6 Olio, Kensington St

It was a pleasure sitting down with Somer Sivrioglu, leading Chef at Sydney restaurants, Efendy & Anason.

5 Minutes With Julian | Ep. 4 Mark Best
One of Australia's most influential chef's Peter Doyle, chats with Julian, sharing his amazing culinary journey.

We love hearing chef and owner, Josh Niland chat about the @saintpeterpaddo & @fishbutchery. We are extremely grateful that Josh puts a lot of trust into Parisi when looking for fresh produce to pair with his seafood masterpieces!

Chef Corey Costelloe and Julian Parisi chat about the importance of Parisi supplying the best quality produce to Rockpool Bar & Grill.