Chris Parisi’s Pick of The Week

Chris Parisi’s Pick of The Week

Queensland Grown Strawberries

Strawberry mania has reached fever pitch - it’s the peak of the season, and we are extremely excited! At this time of year over 80,000 punnets of strawberries leave Queensland, suggesting we are not alone. Are you ready to #smashastrawb? Over the years, we’ve tried countless recipes to incorporate these gorgeous juicy berries into our meals, and this unusual strawberry and tomato pasta is by far one of the most interesting. Considering that tomatoes are technically a fruit, the addition of strawberries isn’t that strange!

Heat oil, tomatoes and salt in a pan until soft. Add strawberries and sugar, before cooking them for a further 5 minutes and placing in  a blender. In the meantime, cook some spaghetti until it is al dente. Stir ricotta and black pepper through the sauce to serve. 

Our love of strawberries combined with our love of Italian food - perfetto!

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