Honesty on a Plate

Historically, for many migrants creating a new home in Australia, the fresh fruit and vegetable industry was an easy access portal. With limited barriers to enter the market, the Parisi brothers saw the potential for a unique take on what had previously been a fairly standard economy. This meant competition was very aggressive.

Traditionally, Parisi were focused on only retail trade. When Julian and his father reignited the Parisi brand, they took a view that there was a gap in the market for specialised quality wholesale.  This is the fastest growing part of their business.

“Particularly with restaurants, hotel chains and large corporate retail groups,” Julian says, “they won’t deal with any old supplier. They have regulations to meet. They trust our brand because of our tradition of premium protocols. Not many out there can do it quite like us.”

This, Julian tells us, is where Parisi established their competitive advantage and made their mark as a brand that focused on two core beliefs: quality and honesty.

“We always stay true to these values. We have talked about having a mission statement, but it is something that has been hard to put into words. We find our mission statement is delivered in how we do business: at its root, we deliver on quality product and service and that is the best expression of these values; he repeats: quality on a plate; honesty on a plate’”

The key for the Parisi brand has been to always remain competitive while offering a unique market appeal. This works at every level, whether it is large scale production for hospitality chains, or offering something to the single consumer looking for a quick meal. For these customers, Julian believes that convenience is a determining factor, but that is where they come in and offer something more.

Parisi meets these customers with more than just convenience; the brand is all about honesty and innovation. Julian tells us that the Parisi business model is not just about buying a mango, then selling a mango. Parisi value add; when they handpick the seasonal mango, hand carve it, dip it in Belgian chocolate and then sell it with a value-add; that is actually worth what the customer pays for it.

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