Chris Parisi’s Pick of The Week

Fuji Apples Grown in Batlow

You can’t think of the town of Batlow and not be reminded of one thing, apples! The delicious Fuji variety is actually a baby compared to it’s apple peers, initially bred in Japan in the 1930s and only being brought to the market in 1962. Most people think they’re named after Mount Fuji, but they actually get their name from the town they originate from, Fujisaki. Since then, they’ve become one of the world’s favourite types of apple, known for their sweetness and firm, juicy texture. The Fuji apples are available in their peak season - mid-March to December, meaning they’re perfect for adding to some warming recipes as the weather gets cooler! For a unique way to enjoy them, try roasting them in cinnamon and including them when baking bread, autumnal perfection!

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