Parisi and Merivale help Bayside Women’s Shelter

Using produce for good

Since the 1970s, we’ve had a strong relationship with the Hemmes family. Their homegrown Sydney-based hospitality brand, Merivale, is responsible for some of the most impressive kitchens in the country, and we are proud to supply them with the freshest produce.

Recently, we’ve been looking at ways that we can help our wider community, too. That’s when team Merivale introduced us to Bayside Women’s Shelter, an incredible not-for-profit organisation that seeks to provide safety and care to women and children in crisis. The shelter provides facilities for families to feel at home, including rooms to sleep and a kitchen area to prepare meals. And what does a kitchen need? Fresh produce to cook with!

From this week, we’re proud to donate fresh fruit and vegetables to help the Shelter’s families prepare delicious and nutritious meals in a comfortable and homely environment. Our weekly delivery is first sent to Merivale’s Coogee Pavilion, and a member of the team then delivers it to the Shelter on our behalf.

We believe in doing what we can to give back, and hope that this small gesture from us and the team at Merivale will go a long way to help show the families of Bayside that they are cared for and supported.

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