Chris Parisi's Pick of The Week

Chris Parisi’s Pick of The Week

Queensland Strawberries

The annual strawberry season in Queensland is now in full swing, after an unusually lale start this year. Better late than never, they’re here now which is wonderful news for all us berry lovers! A lot of these delicious fruits are grown in the Sunshine Coast, where it’s hot by day and cool at night during the winter months. Queensland strawberry growers produce up to 30,000 tonnes or up to 60 million punnets of fruit per season, which is about 40 percent of Australia's annual strawberry production

The funny thing about strawberries, especially the juicy Queensland variety, is that they’re appropriate to eat at anytime of day. Tossed into a rocket salad, or chopped on top of ice cream, they really are a treat at any meal.

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