Chris Parisi’s Pick of The Week: 

Batlow NSW - Pink Lady Apples

Fed up of the colder weather? Look at the silver lining to those clouds resting over Sydney - it's time to welcome a new season of Pink Lady Apples fresh from Batlow!

Pink Lady apples are now Australia’s most popular apple, meaning everyone loves to be pretty in pink. Take the chill out of your day by incorporating some of these crunchy beauties into a winter recipe. Caramelised apple gratin is a surefire hit at any dinner party, and takes no time at all. Simply chop four Pink Lady apples and place in a skillet of melted butter. After sprinkling with brown sugar, pop in the oven and bake for 15 minutes. Serve to taste with your favourite sweet treat, and welcome the winter with open arms. 

La vie en rose!

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