Panini Platter
Panini Platter

Panini Platter

10 mini panini served with selected filling served on a platter to share
Filling Selection: 
1. Classic raw salad, carrot, beetroot, tomato, baby spinach, avocado salsa (V) (VG) (GF)
2. Chargrilled Capsicum, Roast pumpkin, smashed avocado and spinach (V) (VG) (GF)
3. Heirloom tomato, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil drizzled with olive oil (V)
4. Marinated tuna, Avocado, tomato, cos lettuce and aioli
5. Double smoked ham, tasty cheese cos lettuce, avocado and mayonnaise
6. Roast chicken breast, tasty cheese, rocket, sun dried tomato and basil pesto
7. Sopressa Salami, roasted peppers, tasty cheese and rocket
8. Chicken Schnitzel, cos lettuce, egg, cheese and Caesar dressing
9. Turkey, brie cheese, cranberry and spinach leaves.
10. Thai beef salad with cucumber, tomato, mint, coriander and sweet chili dressing 
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